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Company Vision

VİZYON mainly engages in the fields of projecting, contracting, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, andmodernization of any kinds of elevators and escalators. For our company, “quality” is not reached and a preserved level but a target which is reforming and renewing… Quality and Assurance are our future warranty.We are enjoying the right proud of undertaking a role in the formation of a sector. Each of the facility that weserve, experiences the reality of commercial ethics, cordiality and timely service. Facing challenging future, we also so determined to exert our best effort to supply elevators and escalators ofhigh quality and reability to fulfill the satisfaction of our customers. We are doing it all with passion getting aimto high. In a short time VİZYON deserved its place in the Turkish Elevator sector as a reliable and sough-after elevatorcontractor. VİZYON encompasses many of the common attributes expected by the modern society of today and the future. As result of our policy of meeting society’s changing needs, our company has committed to making positivecontributions to the progress and well being of society and the prosperity of world people. That includes pursuing research in order to enhance the future of society and the quality of life as well as to saveour precious environment.


The Quality of a product is only as good as the materials and components from which it is made of…As such, VİZYONonly use the highest quality materials and components, which comply with relevant industry standards and are subjectto continuous and highly stringent incoming inspection procedures. This philosophy ensures that total quality is automaticallybuilt into each VİZYON elevator from very early project stage to the final elevator completion stage. For ourcompany, “quality” is not reached and a preserved level but a target which is reforming and renewing… Quality and Assurance areour future warranty. 


We pledge to comply with the laws, legislation and regulations in force concerning our activities, To prevent contamination of air, soil, aquatic and other natural environments in the consciousness of our environmental impacts, Using appropriate machinery / equipment for the protection of natural life, To provide an effective and planned use of raw materials, both raw materials and resources, to inherit a livable environment for future generations and to continuously improve the environmental management system is the environmental policy of VIZYON ASANSÖR. 

Business Health and Trust

In accordance with the legislation and regulations in force, the current legislation is our basic policy to ensure that all our employees work in a healthy, peaceful and safe working environment by taking the basic principle of human health and work safety in all our activities. First, from human philosophy; our basic goal is to effectively eliminate the risk of accidents and not only prevent accidents with our continuously improved business health and safety management system. 


 Turkey Headquarters

Soğutmacılar Sitesi 1444 Sokak No: 2
İvedik OSB Ostim Ankara/Türkiye
T: +90 (312) 395 95 45 (pbx)
F: +90 (312) 395 95 80