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Floor Doors

The "doors" we use in our elevators mainly have the following features;
• Safe and reliable elevator doors in accordance with the mandatory regulations and standards in the application
• Automatic door options with long lifecycle management and energy efficiency features that offer comfort, safety, reliability, continuous and stable operation performance
• Robust and strong mechanical structure
• Rigid and precise working
• Comfortable and sensitive opening-closing on floors
• Automatic doors with high efficiency, requiring minimum maintenance and long life
• V3F door speed control for superior work performance and ride comfort
• Wide selection of door panel paint and stainless steel finishes, perfect fit for any interior and exterior building, enriching and completing environmental ambience


 Turkey Headquarters

Soğutmacılar Sitesi 1444 Sokak No: 2
İvedik OSB Ostim Ankara/Türkiye
T: +90 (312) 395 95 45 (pbx)
F: +90 (312) 395 95 80