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When designing a cabin, we take into consideration all aesthetic, safety and functioning parameters as well as the needs ofthe buildings and the customers. Given the particular structure of the cabin and the range of options, it is possible to obtainmany different aesthetic effects. To the standard model it is possible to apply a multitude of variations and accessories, suchas several floor coverings, different type of illuminations, skirtings, corner profiles, push buttons, handrails, transparentlaminated glass walls, mirrors, etc. that allow the personalizing of the cabin…

Panoramic elevators are made on the base of elevators without a machine room and speed elevators. A drive of panoramicelevator can be both hydraulic and electric. For the receipt of maximal viewing and feeling of space, booth of panoramicelevators designed glass panels from a floor to ceiling, that on an order can be complemented the decorative finishingsfrom the polished composition-metal or stainless steel. Panoramic elevators, ranging from 4 to 21 people capacity and0.63-2.5 m / sec speed of. Architectural potential of panoramic elevators predetermines extraordinary ability to executethe wide range of works, that in combination with designer and engineer-technical decisions enables to find going nearevery client in an individual order.


 Turkey Headquarters

Soğutmacılar Sitesi 1444 Sokak No: 2
İvedik OSB Ostim Ankara/Türkiye
T: +90 (312) 395 95 45 (pbx)
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