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Control Systems

VİZYON offers the safest and most reliable elevator controllers with full compliance to the regulatory standards and codes ofpractice. All components are certified. The most advanced elevator control systems can control all functions of an elevator. Thecomponents of the control systems are designed, manufactured, assembled and final tested to ensure reliable, safe, orderly,speedy and intelligent elevators that meet the customer demands and the project requirements.

A typical control system basically features the followings as standard and optional

• microprocessor controllers (full electronic advanced microprocessor provides superior control of elevator)
• energy efficiency (elevator controls are designed for efficient operation, such as VVVF inverter speed control system for tractionelevators, soft start-stop control for hydraulic driven elevators, etc.)
• emergency cabin lighting (an emergency ceiling light switches on automatically in the event of a power failure, providing illuminationwithin the cabin. The emergency light will allow any passengers inside the cabin to locate and utilise the interphoneor the alarm to alert the building superintendent)
• emergency evacuation systems (automatic rescue device – during normal power failure, the automatic rescue device convertsstored energy from its bank of rechargable batteries to drive the elevator cabin to the nearest floor and opens the elevatordoors to let the passengers trapped inside the cabin out.)
• fire emergency return (when the building’s fire or smoke dedectors are activated or the switch on the supervisory panel isactivated, all calls are cancelled and all the elevators will immediately travel to the main lobby and park there with the doorsfully open.)
• overload non-start (when the cabin load exceeds the capacity or rated load of the elevator, the elevator will stop operationwith doors fully opened on that floor and a buzzer is annunciated. The buzzer will stop when a sufficient number of passengershave exited the cabin out and the cabin load is less than the rated load)


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